That is definitely what has been going on. I didn’t get a internship that i really wanted, my health is still on the up and down, and i’ve been so worried about my close friends that it all seems so hopeless sometimes.

I kinda let myself fall into a bit of a depression about all this. I hate it when i do that. You can’t help it sometimes. It all feels like the world is going to shit and there is nothing you can do about it but ride it all out. Everyone tries to give you advice, but you never listen do you? It’s as if anything anyone tries to say just ends up pissing you off. I’m sure that you don’t want to be rude, or standoffish to your friends, but it’s as if no one can really understand how you are feeling and what is going to help. We have all felt like this, and if you haven’t then you are a damn liar.

You just have to have your moment of sadness and pity, then kick yourself in the ass, get up and do something. but we all seem to fail at this process. Shit happens and it makes us sad, you’ve got to deal first, then you can move on, if you don’t deal, then it’s only going to fuck things up later.

I know that things can get better. I just tend to forget this from time to time.