fuck you. 

I know that it’s a bit crass, but I’m so seriously pissed off right now. You take a chance, you do something out of your comfort zone. It seems to go well, then..boom! it all goes to shit. 

I went on a date with someone, in all honesty, it was my first date. like ever. I met him online and he asked me out. Not my usual type physically, but i decided that I should give him a chance. Spend all day together, have really great conversation, by all signs, he’s really into me. He wants to hang out the next day, but i have stuff I need to do, so I say another time. WE even kissed, several times. I was honestly a really sweet date with a really sweet guy. Days have now gone by, and I have not heard one word. I text a simple hi. Nothing. Offer a hang out. Nothing. 

You know what, if you aren’t interested, don’t bull shit me. ugh, this is what i’ve been missing in the dating world? Being lead on and dropped cold? Nay Nay sweetheart.